Windows Phone 7 Series Announced

Windows Phone 7 SeriesHave you ever had to accept an insult from someone only to think of the perfect come back 3 hours later.    Well that must kinda be how Microsoft is feeling round about now.  About 3 years ago Apple slapped Microsoft (and the rest of the phone industry) across the face with the IPhone saying “Yo’ Mamma needs a smart phone!” (or in fact “We have a smart phone that your mother could actually use.  She should try it. We think she’d like it”). 

What was Microsoft’s witty response at the jibe at the time? To release Windows Mobile 6 a month later and storm off in a huff.  Well it seems like for the past 3 years they’ve been quietly steaming in the corner, trying to come up with a suitable retort.  And it looks like they have one with the long rumoured “Zune Phone” which was announced a few says ago – or to give it its correct name the “Windows Phone 7 Series” – trips off the tongue don’t it?

Ok, so never let it be said that Microsoft are always the first guest at the party, but hey, better late than never.  In fact entering a market late, yet going on to claim a significant share is Microsoft’s modus operandi and it has worked out fairly well for them in the past – consider the XBOX, Dynamics CRM, Internet Explorer and even Windows itself (and DOS before that for that matter).  They weren’t the first with any of these products but still hold significant market share.  That said it that strategy doesn’t always work.  And the problem is that the best example of this is the Zune itself.

There is no word on the release date (before holiday 2010 is all they’re saying) or what the final phones will look like.  We do know that unlike Apple, Microsoft will not be making the physical devices.  The setup will be more like Android in that respect. 

From the developers point of view more info will be coming at this years MIX10 Conference.


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