Samsung AtivBook 8 Touchpad Reverse Scroll Setting

I was having an annoying problem with my Samsung AtivBook8’s touchpad.  The touch pad’s control panel applet was not saving the “two finger scroll – reverse” setting.


Unchecking the reverse option did appear to work initially – the page scroll direction does indeed go back to normal – however on restarting the machine the setting always reverted back to being enabled.

This was driving me mad!  Fortunately it can be fixed:

1) Uncheck the “reverse” option for two finger scrolling in the control panel applet.  Close the applet.

2)  Using RegEdit change the following changes to the registry:

HKCU\Software\Elantech\GroupOption\SmartPad\SC_Reverse_Enable = 0
HMCU\Software\Elantech\SmartPad\SC_Reverse_Enable = 0

Making these changes turns off reverse scrolling for good.  At least it worked for me.


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