My name is Adam, and a freelance Silverlight/WPF developer.  I specialize in client side development on the .NET platform, meaning WFP, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7, with a special interest in user interaction design and software usability.

These days I’m spending a lot of my time on Windows Phone 7.

I have a BSc in Computing and Information Technology, am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, and a Chartered IT Professional in the UK.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Adam,

    do you maybe have any suggestions about my problem which I’ve posted few hours ago?
    Your article is exactly what I want to do too. Nothing seems to work for me and it is very frustrating…
    That would be very nice if you can tell me some new advices or give me maybe an available sample project…

    Best regards

  2. i have a web service written in php, i added it as web reference to my asp.net web site (asp,c#) i knew how to call web service’s method from c#.net client, but the problem i still have: i want to send a soap header with web service call (from c#.net client to php server)

    i did this but in php client, by using $client->setHeaders, and parsed the sending header in $server, but how to do it in c#.net client,

    note: i don’t have a header class in server.php , ant it works fine with php

    note2: i don’t want to use WCF

    i already have an asp website application that call web services at php server but without soapheaer,i read at forums how to use soap header with php client and php server and use it, i also read about using soapheader in c#.net client but with asp server and web methods written in c#.net,but the main problem is how to do this between c#.net client and php server….

    please help…

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